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IAM Certificate Course & Expert-led Webinar coaching

14 e-learning modules provide insight into the fast developing discipline of Asset Management. They are each c.30 minutes duration and cover the curriculum of the IAM Certificate in Asset Management. Each module has a short comprehension test, scoring and achievement tracking to check your progress.

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Expert-led Webinar coaching

The personal coaching is provided in three 2-hour webinars, normally at the start, midpoint and end of the e-learning programme. They reinforce the context understanding, core principles and practical applications of the subject matter, and prepare learners for the IAM Certificate exam. They also provide an excellent opportunity to question and discuss the subject with a world-leading subject matter expert.

Learning outcomes

All competences needed in the IAM's Competencies Framework at Certificate Level and in the GFMAM's '39 Landscape' subjects.

See individual module pages for more details.

Target audience

Those new to AM & experienced practitioners:

  • Study 'anytime, anywhere'
  • Understand the 'why' and 'how' of AM
  • Gain internationally recognized qualification
  • Be competent and confident
  • Open up career opportunities

Course Content

The 14 modules cover:

  • Introduction to Asset Management
  • Introduction to ISO 55000
  • Benefits of Asset Management
  • Risk and Risk Management
  • Organisational Context and Stakeholder Expectations
  • Scope of the AM System
  • Asset Management Policy, Strategy, Demand Analysis and Objectives
  • Asset Management Planning
  • Asset Information
  • Asset Management Decision Making
  • Leadership, Organisation and People
  • Asset & Asset Management System Performance
  • Life cycle activities Part 1
  • Life cycle activities Part 2

The expert-led webinars cover:

  • Revision of the overall IAM Certificate curriculum
  • Interactive discussions and explanation of key concepts and their practical application
  • Range of recent industrial case studies
  • Q&A sessions with world-class subject matter experts
  • Networking with other learners
  • Preparation guidance for IAM Exam

Ease of Access

Interactive modules include audio & animation. Also include formative & summative assessments.

14 modules x 30 mins.

3 webinars x 2 hours

Can be done in parts, and parts can be revisited. Note: Webinar attendance is best planned for the start, midpoint, and end of the 14 e-learning programme.

Access on any Smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop.

GBP 570.00 per subscription

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