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002 Introduction to ISO 55000

The module provides you with a basic understanding of the ISO 55000 standard, why it's been developed and how it underpins good Asset Management (AM) practice.

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The module can be accessed on any Smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

The course content was designed and developed by internationally recognised AM specialists.

The module features:

  • Professional Audio
  • Animation and Interactivity
  • Formative and Summative assessments

It is one of 14 modules in the Asset Management Course mapped to the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) Certificate examination. These modules also cover the 39 'Landscape' subjects of the Global Forum for Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM).

Learning outcomes

This module will provide an understanding of:

  • The ISO 55000 family of international standards for Asset Management
  • The context and background to ISO 55000 including the journey from BSI PAS 55
  • The purpose of ISO 55000, its scope of application, key requirements and the benefits of applying it
  • How to apply the standards, and
  • What happens if an organisation has already implemented PAS 55 but now wishes to update to ISO 55000.

Target audience

Those working in any sector where physical assets are important, e.g. Electrical, gas & water utilities, Manufacturing, Processing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Transport, Facilities Management, Municipalities etc.

Those new to AM, those preparing for the IAM Certificate exam and also experienced practitioners wishing to check their knowledge.

Course Content

To understand what ISO 55000 is we need to:

  • Refresh our understanding of what assets are and what asset management involves
  • Understand what a 'management system' is, and why it is important for asset management
  • Know the standards that comprise the ISO 55000 family
  • Look at the history of asset management and how the ISO 55000 standard evolved from PAS 55, and
  • Understand the benefits of developing an asset management system compliant with the ISO 55001 requirements.

Estimated duration

30 mins in one session (or in small parts if preferred).

GBP 54.00 per subscription

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